8100 Poly Stack Chair

  • PRICE / $ 31.50  each
  • MODEL / 8100 Series
   Strongest Warranty in Industry !

Strongest Warranty in Industry !

 8100 Gang System

8100 Gang System

8100 Series

Patterned after the Samsonite 8100 series poly shell stack chair, this durable stack chair adds hours of comfortable seating to any event.  Ten Year Warranty

Overall: 31”H x 19 1/4”W x 19 1/4”D
Seat: 18” x 17”W x 16 3/4”D
Optional Tablet Arm: 5/8”H x 11”W x 23 1/2”D

  • Features a chrome plated frame with 17 Gauge 7/8" square tubing
  • 3 Underseat cross braces for added stability and durability
  • Features a One piece injection molded color impregnated high density polypropylene seat/back
  • Shell and frame shields to protect against snags and pinching
  • Anti Static shell
  • Can be stacked 12 high with 6 stack bumpers on each chair to protect finish
  • Avail in Black, Slate Blue, Burgundy, and Blue
 Chairs stacked on DY-81 Dolly

Chairs stacked on DY-81 Dolly